语录网随笔 这么多次英文短句?一周三次用英语怎么说?



1. 一周三次three times a week2. 一周三到六次three to six times a week3. 你每天看多少电视?How much TV do you watch every day?4. 吃个汉堡包 have a hamberger5. 饥饿的be hungry6. 需要许多能量need a lot of energy7. 从不锻炼never exercise8. 步行到我的碗边walk to my bowl9. 一日多次many times a day10. 一个健康的人a healthy person11. 加入一个网上俱乐部join an online club12. 讨厌胡萝卜hate/ dislike carrots13. 我们吃什么,怎样生活what we eat and how we live14. 想要成为一个舞蹈家want to be a dancer15. 跳两个小时的舞dance for two hours16. 一份健康食谱a healthy diet17. 健康的饮食对于舞蹈演员来说很重要。

A healthy diet is very important for a dancer.18. 需要许多能量来跳舞need lots of energy to dance19. 我很容易累。

It’s easy for me to get tired.20. 需要保持健康need to keep fit21. 很少吃甜的零食seldom eat sweet snacks22. 喝可乐 drink Coke23. 在两餐之间 between meals24. 太多的糖too much sugar25. 给我能量give me energy26. 吃蔬菜和水果eat vegetables and fruit27. 早饭吃个苹果eat an apple for breakfast28. 想要健康 want to be healthy29. 一片面包a piece of bread30. 喝些牛奶drink some milk31. 在网上跟我的朋友聊天chat with my friends on the Internet32. 一个尖子生a top student33. 跑得快run fast34. 有一个健康的饮食和生活习惯have a healthy diet and lifestyle35. 进行一些锻炼do some exercise36. 从不锻炼never do any exercise37. 吃健康的一日三餐have healthy meals38. 是该我改变的时候了。

It’s time for me to change.39. 计划干某事plan to do sth.40. 一周两次twice a week41. 有着良好的健康have good health= be in good health42. 体育活动sports activities43. 小心某物 be careful with sth.44. 小心(别)干某事be careful (not) to do sth.45. 每隔多久一次how often46. 多长时间how long47. 一份冷饮a cold drink48. 二十个芒果twenty mangoes49. 三十个西红柿thirty tomatoes50. 一些牛肉some beef51. 一些猪肉 some pork52. 有许多时间干某事have much time to do sth.53. 打羽毛球play badminton54. 把他所有的时间都花在坐在电脑前spend all his time sitting in front of the computer55. 去上她的舞蹈课go to her dancing lesson56. 去溜旱冰 go roller skating57. 一副眼镜a pair of glasses58. 十五台收音机fifteen radios59. 十四个土豆forty potatoes60. 几个书架some shelves61. 两个脚two feet62. 三个女医生three women doctors63. 十一头绵羊eleven sheep64. 十二颗牙齿twelve teeth65. 一袋盐a packet of salt66. 两袋大米two bags of rice67. 四公斤鸡肉four kilos of chicken68. 四十盒牛奶forty cartons of milk69. 有那么多东西have so many things70. 一袋桔子汁a carton of orange juice71. 一瓶可乐a bottle of Coke72. 吃些面条eat some noodles73. 少于less than74. 多于more than75. 步行去上学walk to school=go to school on foot76. 一点也不not…

at all77. 需要更多地锻炼need to exercise more78. 看更少的电视watch less TV79. 改变你的食谱change your diet80. 每天晚上睡觉超过7小时sleep for more than 7 hours every night81. 看少于一小时的电视watch less than 1 hour of TV82. 你认为。

怎么样?How do you like…

?= What do you think of…

?83. 不再 not any more=no morenot any longer=no longer84. 这些天来these days85. 躺在沙发上lie on the couch86. 感觉良好 feel good/feel well87. 祝。


Good luck with sthGood luck to sb.Good luck to sb. with sth.88. 祝你有了新的食谱和生活方式好运。

Good luck with your new diet and lifestyle.89. 去吃晚饭go for dinner90. 保持健康 keep fit= stay healthy91. 健康饮食 healthy eating/healthy diet92. 绿/红茶 green/ black tea93. 为你自己设计一份食谱design a diet for yourself94. 写一则有关它的报告write a report on it95. 健康结实be fit and healthy96. 帮助我开始一天help me start the day97. 吃鱼下饭eat rice with fish98. 给我以后打排球提供能量give me energy for playing volleyball later99. 为我下午提供能量give me energy for the afternoon100. 晚饭吃汤,肉和蔬菜have soup, meat and vegetables for dinner101. 对。

有好处be good for…

102. 需要维他命保持健康need vitamins to stay healthy103. 喝水而不会变胖drink water without getting fat104. 在这份购物清单上on the shopping list105. 吃不同品种的食物eat different kinds of food106. 一头小绵羊a little sheep107. 一些饼干some biscuits108. 躺在床上lie in bed109. 感到不舒服feel ill110. 变得暖和get warm111. 听起来很好sound good112. 好运good luck113. 霉运 bad luck114. 吃花生eat peanuts115. 品尝汤 taste the soup116. 我爷爷的最爱 my grandpa’s favourite117. 每天喝大量的水也很重要。

It’s also important to drink lots of water every day.118. 水里没有卡路里。

There are no calories in water.

once a week一周一次twice a week 一周两次three times a week 一周三次four times a week一周四次five time a week 一周五次后面依次类推,数字后面加times就可以了


copy that 指英语词组,释义收到了、知道了

roger that 多为无线电中的答复用语


1、copy that


一般提问方通话完毕后会问:“Did you copy?”

收听方则回答:“Copy that.”

2、roger that


意思类似于:“roger,copy that”,前者更适用于无线电答复。常见于美国的大片中及现实的




1、copy that常表示收到的意思,在多种FPS游戏的无线电, 二战无线电, 动作战争电影里多次


2、如果作为下线对上级(如:塔台、指挥机舰、上级单位等)通信的接收则用roger that,


You can fool me once, fool me two times, I can fool me three times, I will let you regret for a lifetime

歌名:The Chain

歌手:Fleetwood Mac - (佛利伍麦克合唱团)

作词 : Buckingham, Fleetwood,


Listen to the wind blow


Watch the sun rise


Run in the shadows


Damn your love


Damn your lies


And if you don't love me now


You will never love me again


I can still hear you saying


You would never break the chain


Down comes the night


Break the silence


Damn the dark


Damn the light


You would never break the chain.




How often do you exercise?



How often do you exercise? I exercise twice a week.