语录网句子大全 心情变化的句子英语5句,用英语写一篇情绪变化较多的一天?



1、The boy loved the old fisherman and pitied him. If Manolin had no money of his own, he begged or stole to make sure that Santiago had enough to eat and fresh baits for his lines. The old man accepted his kindness with humility that was like a quiet kind of pride.


2、As the sun rose he saw other boats in toward shore, which was only a low green line on the sea.


3、But a man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated


3、The water was a dark blue now, so dark that it was almost purple. 如今的海水是深蓝色的,深到几乎成了紫色。

4、It is what a man must do. 这是一个男子汉所应该做的。

5、He was beautiful, the old man remembered, and he had stayed. 他很美丽,老人回忆著,还有他以前曾经逗留过。

6、Most people are heartless about turtles because a turtle’s heart will beat for hours after he has been cut up and butchered. But the old man thought, I have such a heart too and my feet and hands are like theirs. 大多数人对待(海龟、甲鱼之类的动物吧)很冷酷无情,因为海龟的心会在它身体被剖开和屠杀时,被时光打败。

(此句照应“A man can be destroyed but not defeated ” “一个人可以被毁灭但是不能被打倒!


7、Now is no time to think of baseball, he thought. Now is the time to think of only one thing. That which I was born for. 现在没有时间考虑棒球了,他想。



8、It was considered a virtue not to talk unnecessarily at sea and the old man had always considered it so and respected it. But now he said his thoughts aloud many times since there was no one that they could annoy. 可以想象品德在海里就不必要说起了,而老人以前却总是思考著,尊敬著它。


9、The tuna, the fishermen called all the fish of that species tuna and only distinguished among them by their proper names when they came to sell them or to trade them for bait, were down again.


10、He felt no strain nor weight and he held the line lightly. Then it came again. This time it was a tentative pull, not-solid nor heavy, and he knew exactly what it was. 他感觉没有什麽拉力和重量,而轻轻的抓住鱼线。



11、If you said a good thing, it might not happen. 如果你说出了一件好的事情,那么那件好事可能就会不出现了。(大概可以理解为“天机不可泄露”)

12、What I will do if he decides to go down, I don’t know. What I’ll do if he sounds and dies I don’t know. But I ‘ll do something. There are plenty of things I can do. 我不知道,如果他下来或者如果他倒地一声死了,我要怎么办。



13、Then he looked behind him and saw that no land was visible. That makes no difference, he thought. 然后他望向背后,却发现,没有一块可以看见的陆地。他想,海洋没有制造什麽差异,跟之前没有什麽区别。

14、The position actually was only somewhat less intolerable; but he thought of it as almost comfortable. 实际上的方位只能稍微带给人少许无法忍受的感觉,但他几乎想象这是一件舒适的事情。

15、Then he thought, think of it always. Think of what you are doing. You must do nothing stupid.

Then he said aloud, “I wish I had the boy. To help me and to see this.” 之后他总是想著,思考著这件事。思考你在干什麽。你不能做任何愚蠢的事情。然后他大声的说:“我希望身边有个男孩,可以帮助我,还有可以看到这。”

16、What a great fish he is and what he will bring in the market if the flesh is good. He took the bait like a male and he pulls like a male and his fight has no panic in it. I wonder if he has any plans or if he is just as desperate as I am? 这是一个多么庞大的鱼,如果到时候还新鲜的话,他就拿到市场卖了。



17、All my life the early sun has hurt my eyes, he thought. Yet they are still good. 生命中的旭阳刺痛了我的眼睛,他想。(据本人理解应为指早年初恋女友,那个护士的背叛),还好这双眼睛现在还挺好。

18、Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman, he thought. But that was the thing that I was born for. 或许我不应该成为一个渔夫,他想。但是那是我生来的源由。

19、“ Fish,” he said softly, aloud, “ I ‘ll stay with you until I am dead.” “鱼,”他柔和地说著,却很响亮 ,“我会一直陪伴你直至我死去。”

20、He could feel the steady hard pull of the line and his left hand was cramped. It drew up tight on the heavy cord and he looked at it in disgust.

“What kind of a hand is that,” he said. “Cramp then if you want. Make yourself into a claw. It will do you no good.” 他能感觉到支架艰难的拉著,但是他的左手却被夹住了。


My mood changes because of your sentence, a facial expression我的心情变化,因为你的话,一个表情